Transparency Kazakhstan’s Domain Name Stolen

Sigh, I just read another news story of another domain name (allegedly) stolen. The Kazakhstan division of anti-corruption group Transparency International reportedly saw their domain name taken.

The .org domain name is currently with an Argentinian domain registrar named de Irazoqui Veronica Palmira. I’m trying to get more information on this other than what’s reported, but I do hope the Transparency Kazakhstan people at least contacted their former registrar about this.

The group has registered another domain name in the meantime, Judging by the current WHOIS record as of this post, it looks like was moved to around July 29.

I wrote a previous article on how your domain name can be stolen. My guess is the email address on the domain name’s record was compromised.

As intimated there, compromising the email address of the domain name can allow a hijacker to transfer the domain name without the actual owner knowing about it. That should also shed light on why the domain registrar may not necessarily notify the actual owner about the event as well.

Very soon I’ll write a step-by-step process on how to troubleshoot if your domain name is indeed stolen, and what to do if/when that happens. Meanwhile, I urge you to read my previous article if you haven’t yet, and take care of your domain name/s as best as you can.

Feel free to share your thoughts below or spread the word online. I’ll just be around.

Source: Tandem Post, Transparency Kazakhstan

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