Today Is Move Your Domain Day

Darn, I must be slow! I just found out that today – December 29, 2011 – is dubbed as “Move Your Domain Day”.

Move Your Domain Day was started by domain registrar NameCheap (whom I’m an affiliate for) as a response to SOPA. In a nutshell, you transfer your domain registration away from any provider who supports it.

No doubt, Go Daddy is the easiest target of this. Although they’ve since publicly stated their withdrawal of support for SOPA, many people are still angry at them for not expressly opposing it or having supported it in the first place.

I don’t blame them. If voicing their opposition to U.S. congressmen won’t do much (if any) good, then next best thing is to express that towards companies who support SOPA.

So far, NameCheap and fellow registrar have created their transfer specials per the following:

NameCheap – use coupon code SOPASucks to transfer your domain name for $7.17 ($6.99 + $0.18 ICANN fee). NameCheap will donate $1 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation for every domain transfer. – use coupon code STOPSOPA to for 10% off of your transfer/s and 40% off their hosting. will likewise donate 5 cents to the cause of your choice.

I’m sure there are others who are similarly doing that. Just comment below to share

I hope your domain transfer goes smoothly. I know you won’t feel good doing this if (knock on wood) problems occur, but contact your domain provider if ever.

Feel free to share your thoughts below or spread the word online. I’ll just be around if anybody needs some help.

Sources: NameCheap,, Sheelamohan

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