Go Daddy Demands $199 Due To Spam Complaint

ID-10020671Pardon for the rather sensationalist headline. I do hope that gets your attention, though.

Just bear with me for a moment. Especially if you’re not aware of this just yet, you’re about to find out why.

As the headline goes, domain registrar Go Daddy is demanding one of its clients $199 due to a spam complaint. That happens when someone complains to Go Daddy of an alleged spam email coming from a domain name registered with them.

I found out about this incident in the Warrior Forum. However, the situation described there is rather unique (or at least one I haven’t heard of until now).

The original poster (OP) of that thread (which is linked at the bottom as a source) says that he never spams anyone, and I’m inclined to believe him. When Go Daddy forwarded to him the spam complaint, it turns out to be caused by an affiliate of that OP / client of the domain registrar.

From what I gathered, the OP is in the medical device industry and periodically accepts affiliates. My guess is one of the affiliates emailed someone about the OP’s offer, that someone thought it’s spam, then reported it to Go Daddy.

Go Daddy has been charging fees for (alleged) spam complaints for as long as I can remember. I also blogged that this is one of their four so-called hidden charges to be aware of.

As of that Warrior Forum thread, the registrar has given the OP a few rather limited choices. He can move out his domain name and pay $75, or he pays the $199 fee with some kind of “promise” not to do this kind of activity again.

Obviously the OP doesn’t agree with it. Although Go Daddy has been doing this for a long time, how often does one hear of a registrar actually imposing a “penalty fee” on one of its clients for something like this?

Essentially, the OP feels that Go Daddy is “extorting” him. If you read the thread, you’ll find some people feeling the same way as well.

Can’t say I blame them, especially the OP.

Unfortunately I don’t really have any workable option to offer other than – sigh – giving in to Go Daddy’s choices. The “cheapest” one is to move out while paying that fee, even though it’s personally unacceptable.

Meanwhile, I hope Go Daddy reconsiders this scenario. I’m sure they deal with lots of complaints of this nature, though it helps to be rather flexible to customers who can demonstrate that they’re not into this sort of thing.

In a way, this is a sort of reminder of what to possibly expect should you use Go Daddy. I’m sure many of their users don’t encounter this kind of problem with them, and I do hope they won’t.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below or spread the word online. I’ll just be around.

Sources: Warrior Forum, FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Boaz Yiftach

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