Domain Names At Planet Online and Name For Name Moved to NamesBeyond

Just found out ICANN made another round of domain name migration from one registrar to another. Or in this case, two registrars to one.

ICANN does this if a registrar (or ex-registrar) is de-accredited for not complying or correcting any terms of its ICANN registrar agreement. This occurs if the ex-registrar doesn’t take action within a deadline set by ICANN.

The ex-registrars in this case are Planet Online Corp. and Name For Name, Inc. So if any of you used them and suddenly get notices about your domain name/s being moved, this is why.

As always, ICANN posted details about it on their web site:


Q. Why were these transfers authorized by ICANN?

A. Planet Online’s Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) was terminated by ICANN on 6 July 2012 because of Planet Online’s failure to comply with the requirements of the RAA. (The notice of termination is posted at [PDF, 222 KB]) As a result, Planet Online is no longer permitted to register or manage gTLD registrations.

Name For Name’s Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) with Verisign to register .com and .net names was terminated by Verisign on 16 July 2012. Name For Name currently has only five gTLD registrations under management, all in com and net. ICANN has notified Name For Name that it is in breach of its RAA with ICANN, which will be terminated on 2 August 2012 if the breaches are not cured. (The notice of breach is posted at [PDF, 250 KB].)

ICANN authorized these bulk transfers pursuant to the Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy to ensure that the registrant-customers of these registrars would not be harmed by their registrars’ discontinued ability to manage the registrations.


You can read more about that on the link below. Again for those affected, you should receive an email about this soon.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below or spread the word online. I’ll just be around.

Source: ICANN

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