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Can Domain Names Get Cheaper Over Time?

Someone in namepros asked for feedback from others if domain names can get lower than what they currently are. Good question. Before I go on, let’s do a review of how much domain names were when people were first allowed to register them: Pre-1995 – free via (rats, just missed it…) 1995-1997 – Network…

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Domain Name System (DNS) Creator Honored

The Domain Name System (DNS) allows computers to “translate” or resolve words people understand into the numbers computers communicate with. This system was largely developed by a man named Paul Mockapetris. Well, Paul Mockapetris has been finally given a prestigious award for such a venture. You can read the link below for more: The…

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WIPO Launches New UDRP Overview Tool

The World Intellectual Property Organization (, one of the resolution providers for the UDRP, has finally posted an overview on how they reach many of their UDRP decisions. Here’s the link: This is a very valuable link of information, especially if you’re holding a domain name that has trademark infringement potential. Have a go!

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