Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! As a way to start anew, I’ve decided to reveal a few more things about myself.

Dave Zan is actually a nickname I chose as a shortened version of my actual name. While I’d like to reveal it, I might be confused with about two cousins whom we actually share the same first and last names. (but not the same middle names…)

I’m based in Manila, Philippines. I once worked in a call center whose client is one of the big domain registrars in the U.S.

Yup, that registrar is (last I checked) one of several U.S.-based companies that outsourced here. As in if you called them, your call most likely got routed to the Philippines.

If you ever heard my voice, I guarantee you would most likely never guess I’d be based here unless you asked. I know lots of people have, but it was mostly a joy talking to people from all walks of life from wherever they are.

I worked for that client for over four years until I finally moved on to other things. During my time there, I discovered my penchant and passion for helping people as much as I could, especially when they shared their domain name problems.

That inspired me to finally create this blog. I have since dedicated it to helping people understand domain names more, and whatever issue/s may arise that can affect them.

So with all that said, have a look around and see if something here entertains, enlightens, or especially helps you. Just use my contact form if you want to reach me, and I’m also online in Facebook and Twitter.

Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your domain name/s!